Meet Penny The Penguin

As parents, the healthy habits and responsibilities we instill in our toddlers will translate to a healthier, more responsible lifestyle as they grow older. On our part, this usually entails daily, sometimes hourly reminders, adding yet another burden to our shoulders. At Ami, we improve the joy and convenience of raising a child with our smart plush toy, Penny the Penguin.

Why Penny?

Parent's Helper

Penny complements your parenting experience by making parenting less of a hassle while keeping kids happy and healthy :)

With Penny, parenting becomes a joy and love never ends ♡



Helpful App

🔊Play Messages from Ami's curated list 

🎤Creatively customise your own messages

📅Schedule messages for maximum flexibility

☁️On demand educational songs and stories

Children's friend

Penny's cute fuzzy plush makes it loved universally ❤️

Penny not only connect with kids on appearances but also has a wide range of entertaining, educational contents. 🧐

Get your child's best friend now :)


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