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On the outside, Penny might seem like any other penguin plush. Yet, Penny is special. Penny makes parenting less of a hassle while keeping kids happy and healthy :)


When connected to the Ami app, parents can choose from a curated list of pre-recorded messages like "Dinner's ready. Wash your hands before you eat!". Have something to say that's not on our list? Then, simply customize your own message using the text-to-speech box! This way, you know exactly what Penny is saying to your kids. If you are busy, simply set up a reminder to be played at a certain time so your kids don't forget to brush their teeth before going to bed!


With Penny, parenting becomes a joy and love never ends ♡

So get a Penny for your young ones and show them your love today!

🐧We at Ami believe that every child deserves the best childhood possible. So, for every five Pennies sold, we donate one to a child fighting autism🐧

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